As owners of both Planet Cabinets and Maya Construction Group, Udi and Ofer take great pride in making sure customers have access to all remodeling and cabinetry services. Our customers are never required to work with Maya Construction Group, but we have found that working together supplies our customers with a smoother process from start to finish on any remodel. We strive to make any kitchen remodel project easier on our customers, and we understand that your time is precious. Working with Maya Construction Group allows our team to take all of the burden of kitchen remodeling off of your hands, giving you peace of mind.

Maya Construction Group is a leader in kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling for the greater Chicago area with over 20 years of experience. They deal personally with their clients, removing any middle man that could slow a project down or miss any important details. With only the most positive reviews available on Yelp, Facebook, and Google+, Maya Construction Group has proven again and again that they care deeply about every project, big and small, and only provide the highest level of service you can get.

With Maya Construction Group, you know that you are getting a dedicated team who cares about what your home will look like in the end. Your home matters and how you use it is important. Its style should reflect both you and your family as well as meeting the needs to improve the quality of your life. With over 150 remodels under their belt, Maya Construction Group has the experience and hands-on knowledge to know what their clients’ needs are and how to meet them.

While our clients are never under any obligation to work with Maya Construction Group, Planet Cabinets is proud to be on the same team with them.

For more information, you can visit Maya Construction Group’s website at Maya Construction Group.


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